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Mahina Mele Farm Video

Aloha! I wanted to share a video of Mahina Mele Farm that Whole Foods made last coffee season..Check out…So you can see who we are, and what we do to produce Organic Kona Rose Coffee and Organic Raw Macadamia Nuts. Also, we want to share our newest product… Organic Macadamia Nut Oil. It is a high heat oil (high smoke point) that is versatile in cooking, baking, and salad dressings with a light nutty taste. Our Macadamia Nut oil is pressed once to maintain its nutritive vitality i.e. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in equal balance, 0 trans fats, 80% Monounsaturated fat. Best of all, it is from our farm, on the Big Island of Hawaii,  direct to you!
Mahalo for supporting your local farmers, Kollette and Jason Stith and family

The process of turning coffee cherry to roasted bean is an art!!!!


image image (2) coffee07snowThe process of turning coffee cherry (the red berry picked off the tree) to roasted coffee varies slightly. It is the art of processing that can make a ordinary cup of coffee amazing.  The rule of thumb is pick the coffee when ripe, which only occurs with small estate coffees. The coffee is pulped (the skin is removed) then the coffee ferments and then washed. The coffee is then left to be dried which may take days to weeks depending on weather conditions. Then the parchment is removed and the coffee is stored as green coffee. Finally the coffee is roasted. The roast is also a vital part of the art of a excellent cup of coffee!coffee-bagWe have learned from our experience as Peace Corps volunteers in El Salvador the art of processing coffee. Great care is taken from pick to roast to provide a full bodied, smooth cup of coffee with rich chocolate, macadamia nut, and fruit undertones. Being sustainably smart and Certified Organic is our intention to care for our aina (environment) as well as your well being. Enjoy this gourmet coffee and experience the highest quality Organic Kona coffee. Taste the real Kona. Have a beautiful day.

Organic Raw Macamia Nut Oil

Aloha, wanted to share some news regarding our Organic Raw Macadamia Nut Oil. Macadamia Nut Oil has a high smoke point, meaning you can stir-fry or bake with it without changing its nutritive qualities. It is the only oil we use because it is also great for salad dressings as well as for cooking. It has balanced amounts of  Omega 3’s and 6’s, the good fats, the fats that increase metabolism and decrease cholesterol.  Macadamia Nut oil also is the oil most similar to our skin. It has paneoletic acid which is in the protective layer of our skin. Applying macadamia oil as a massage oil or daily oil will prevent against sun damage and restore skins vitality. Its light nutty aroma is delicious on just about anything. Mahina Mele Farm’s Organic Raw Macadamia Nut Oil is “Raw” because the nuts are dehydrated before being pressed. This is a very special gourmet oil that is versatile and  made in small batches right here on our farm. Please try and enjoy the gifts Hawaii has to offer.

Peaberry Kona Rose Organic Coffee

What is Peaberry coffee? Why is it so delicious? Why does Peaberry typically cost more?  Peaberry is technically a defect in coffee. The coffee cherry usually produces two coffee beans, in a small percentage 1 bean is formed and this is called Peaberry Coffee. As a Organic coffee farmer and Kona Coffee drinker I didnt think our coffee could get any better. We started selecting the Peaberry out of our estate and recently cupped it. It was the best coffee we had ever tasted. Clean and smooth with bright fruity and chocolaty undertones. It is truly my favorite now. I asked the coffee roaster why the Peaberry is so significantly different and he stated that “the sugars to make 2 coffee beans is condensed into 1”.  Our Peaberry goes for $21 per 1/2LB and $40/LB. The reason for the high price is that there is not much of this delicious delicacy and it has to be sorted out from the rest of the coffee harvest.  If you are interested in trying our Certified Organic Kona Rose Peaberry, contact us at Look forward to hearing your responses. Have a amazing day!

Want Organic Kona Rose Coffee every month?

Aloha, we are offering our estate Organic Kona Rose Coffee to preferred monthly customers who join now. Our Coffee Cuppers have reserved coffee that will be  mailed to you monthly, freshly roasted!!! There is a limited supply from our estate gourmet coffee,which we would love to reserve for you. Kona Rose Coffee is roasted med-dark to bring out the flavors and smoothness of Kona coffee, the chocolaty and fruity undertones are enhanced versus roasted out. That being said you can order your coffee any way you’d like it roasted, whole bean or ground. To do so contact us or order online and click the box that says “monthly”. We love working directly with our customers, bringing our farm to you with the highest quality and integrity possible. Mahalo from all of us at Mahina Mele Farm, Kollette and Jason Stith and family.

What does RAW Macadamia Nuts mean?

We proudly dehydrate our Certified Organic macadamia Nuts at low temps (113 degrees) for 6 days. This maintains their nutritive qualities without roasting them away. “Raw” macadamia nuts need to be dehydrated first to maintain their freshness. Macadamia nuts off the ground and cracked will go rancid within 24 hours unless frozen. A recipe I love besides eating them right out of the bag is place your macadamia nuts in a bowl of equal parts water and allow to soak for a few hours. Blend in the blender until it turns into a cheese consistancy. Add lemon and a dash of sea salt and add to your favorite salad. I cut up kale and massage it a bit then add the macadamia nuts. Voila a delicious salad my friends always ask me to make.

Kona Coffee Harvest

This years Kona Coffee harvest is ahead of its time. It is time to pick the beautiful red berries now. Usually harvest begins In late August but this years rainfall has been the highest in 10 years. As some of you may know about the coffee berry borrer (CBB) that found its way to the islands, the last place in the coffee growing regions to show up, a few years ago. The Kona Coffee farmers have to be diligent at keeping it at bay in order to harvest anything. This is done organically with a naturally occurring fungus that is sprayed that attacks the CCB in its tracks. Keeping on top of this beetle takes a lot of time and financial resources as one needs to spray diligently. So we are spraying the organic fungus and keeping on track in order to have a harvest. Thank You for supporting Organic Kona Rose Coffee and Kona coffee farmers. This deliciously smooth coffee with its chocolate and fruity undertones and rich flavor will wake you up with perfection and delight.

image coffee-bag

Jonesin’ For Organic Kona Rose 100% Kona Coffee???

The coffee flowers are intoxicating! The Kona snow is in full bloom and working in the fragrance is delicious. Kona Rose Coffee is still available while the next season will begin in July and August. The slight drought we had last month and the heavy rains we have now caused enough stress to put the coffee in full snow. The rain is allowing us farmers to sit and enjoy the a hot cup of Joe and dry out. So if you’re Jonesin’ for something organic, rich, smooth, caffeinated and delicious, we are here to serve farmer to cup.

Mahina Mele Farm

City girls helping with coffee and nuts on Mahina Mele Farm

Last week two wonderful girls landed on our farm to work, Two girls with little to no experience actually working on a farm. They came positive and willing to learn, the two key traits that brings anyone to, a place of self growth and satisfaction. They have been pruning coffee, mulching, dragging branches, husking macadamia, sorting macadamias, etc. They have reminded me that what we are doing here is more than being farmers and growing certified organic macadamia nuts and kona coffee, fruit and vegies, etc…. we are here to teach what we know so that it may live within others the connection between our land and food, our resources, and greener living. I am so grateful for all our previous interns through the WWOOF program and friends of friends who have landed here to help in the growing process of the farm, we couldnt have done it without all of you!! and for the team we have here everyday. It takes a village. Much love to all of you Kollette and Jason

Kona Snow shows good Coffee Crop for 2013

What all farmers hope for is that yes next year will be a good crop. The kona Snow is blanketed all of the trees and the smell of gardenias (coffeee is in the gardenia family) fills the air. The flowers last a day or two so when the coffee is white and in bloom we appreciate each and every one. We have had rain and cool mornings and evenings, clear skies, and yes Kona Snow. It takes 6 months from bloom to coffee cherry. 2012 Coffee is available now but order soon while it lasts via Thank you for following this blog and please ask any questions you may want to know about macs and or Kona coffee. Your farmer fiends, Kollette and Jason.