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Nutrient Rich, Raw, Izzie Macs! Macadamia Nuts From Big Island, Hawaii

Certified Organic

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Named after our daughter

Izzie Macs! Macadamia Nuts

One of our passions in life is to produce the healthiest nutrient rich organic macadamia nuts, Izzie Macs! You might not want to get me started on the mac nuts:) Dehydrated organic macadamia nuts are crunchy and packed with nutrition. Take a bite and see why our customers keep coming back year after year.

This is slow food at its finest.

Macadamia nut connoisseurs, you are in for a treat with Izzie Macs!. Our unique processing method separates us from the rest. We grow organic macadamia nuts and dehydrate them (instead of roasting) at low temperatures. The result is a super-crunchy, buttery, highly addictive, and nutritionally vital food source! We offer them lightly sea salted or unsalted.

Dehydrating at low temps (140 degrees) assists in maintaining the nutrient rich qualities of the macadamia nut while retaining their freshness. This unadulterated nut is the macadamia nuts closest to their original state. These yummy morsels naturally contain oils vital for our body’s brain and heart health, according to many studies, with balanced Omegas 3’s and 6’s.

Ship direct from Mahina Mele Market, Kealakekua Hawaii.

A perfect snack!

Chocolate Macadamia Nuts

Certified Organic 66% dark chocolate blankets our raw macadamia nuts. A vegan dark Guittard chocolate melts in your mouth while biting into a crunchy macadamia nut center.

Store in a cool place or refrigerate!

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Named after our son

macadamia nut butter

Macadamia Nut Butter

We also make delicious macadamia nut butter. Formerly known as our Baby Bruddah’s Mac Nut Buttah. There’s no secret, just pure raw, organic macadamia nuts, blended to perfection to eat with a spoon or spread on toast. Nutritious and local, it is really something special, only dehydrated organic Hawaiian Izzie Macs! macadamia nuts.