100% Kona Rose Coffee

Smooth, Rich, Full-Bodied with Chocolate and Tropical Fruit Undertones.

Our Unique Coffee Process

lucia rose

Named after our daughter

Kona Rose Coffee

Get up and get ready you’re on your way to your cup of Kona Rose Coffee.. Sip from the caldera itself and taste Pele’s brew. Organic 100% Kona Rose Coffee. It’s our passion, and is noted as some of the best coffee, you’ll want to drink every day. A well-balanced cup, full-bodied with nuances of cacao and tropical fruit.

Kona Rose Coffee is our Estate Certified Organic 100% Kona coffee, a delight for every fan of high quality coffee, a masterpiece of Kona coffee.

The art of coffee processing requires close attention to detail. We pick, pulp, ferment, dry, mill, and roast the coffee. We pay attention to every step of the way, from harvest to your cup.

Kona Rose Coffee is organically grown under the shade of our macadamia nut and tropical fruit trees, which seem to impart some of their delicious flavor to the chocolate and citrus tones already present in our award-winning coffee.


Hawaii No. 3 Coffee

When processing coffee, there are many grades. Our Kona Rose Coffee is our grade A coffee. Our Hawaii No. 3  coffee is our B grade Estate coffee. This coffee still has a beautiful balanced cup with a milder flavor. Great as an everyday coffee that you can enjoy.

Chocolate Peaberry Coffee

Organic 66% dark chocolate covered Peaberry espresso coffee beans.

What is Peaberry? The most sought after coffee. Instead of 2 beans inside every coffee cherry only one round bean is formed. All the sugars condense into the one bean making Peaberry the smoothest coffee available. We roast the peaberry to a crunchy perfection and cover it with dark organic chocolate from Guittard.  Enjoy a little pick me up on us. 🙂