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Mac Nut Availability

I just wanted to talk about mac nut availability in the coming weeks.  We are keeping the store open so you can continue to order.  Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are placed.  Our next ship date is October 21.  We apologize for the delay but farming is a ROLLER COASTER!    After going through the scant summer months with very little to harvest, we are now coming into the full harvest season and there are lots of nuts out there!  However besides mother nature to wrangle with we also have the human element as well.  Our pickers work very hard, hand-picking the nuts from the ground and they, like every one else on the planet, need and deserve a break.  Unfortunately they took theirs last month right when were promising nuts to our customers!

So now we have our beloved pickers back, rested and ready; and we have nuts and nuts and nuts to harvest as well.  Now we go forth to clean the land and prepare for the harvest.  So again thank you for your patience and continued support.  We look forward to sending you your next shipment of delicious macadamia nuts from Mahina Mele Farm.  Remember the next ship date is Oct 21! Aloha

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