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Organic Kona Peaberry is an exclusive coffee!


The amount of coffee produced in Kona would feed the world of coffee drinkers for 1 day.  There just isn’t that much Kona Coffee available. It is sought after for it bold flavor and smooth richness that is undeniably wonderful. To add to this equation, Certified Organic Kona is even more rare. The Peaberry Coffee yield of an estate coffee farm is only a few percent of their total crop.

Organic Kona Peaberry is Exclusive!

We just roasted our Exlcusive Kona Rose Coffee Peaberry and the rich cholcolate and fruit undertones are heightened by its clean smooth finish.

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Kollette and Jason Stith




Kona coffee is the market name for coffee (Coffea arabica) cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Only coffee from the Kona Districts can be described as “Kona”. The weather of sunny mornings, cloud or rain in the afternoon, little wind, and mild nights combined with porous, mineral-rich volcanic soil create favorable coffee growing conditions. The loanword for coffee in the Hawaiian language is kope, pronounced [ˈkope].[1]






Organic Kona Peaberry

Aloha, Organic Kona Peaberry Coffee is an exclusive coffee that is worth the cost. Peaberry is rare in coffee but turns out to be a revolutionary breakthrough in the coffee tasting world. Two coffee beans are usually within a coffee cherry, when Peaberry is formed there is only one coffee bean within the cherry. Some say that the reason for this extraordinary coffee is that the sugars of two beans have condense into 1 solitary bean making the bean tastier when roasted. I do not have the exact science behind it, but a good Peaberry brings full bodied flavors to the forefront, unbelievably clean and smooth finish. Once I tried our Organic Kona Peaberry, there was no doubt that it stood out from all other coffees.  Organic Kona Peaberry is a coffee lovers dream. Order online, thank you for your support. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality, gourmet coffee avaialble.

Mahalo Kollette and Jason Stith

The steps in processing coffee.1,2,3.

Ripe Kona Coffee berries

Ripe Kona Coffee berries

Pulped Coffee Ready to be washed.

Pulped Coffee Ready to be washed.

Parchement drying on deck ready to be milled to green coffee.

Washed Coffee drying ready to be milled to green coffee.

IMG_1502Aloha! Its coffee season, every farmers time of excitement and exhaustion.

The main steps in processing coffee do not vary too much from farmer to farmer but the fine adjustments during these steps are what make each cup of Kona so different, is what each cup of coffee an art. Just like a fine wine, it is hard to get the famers secrets to making an extraordinary cup of coffee!

Here are the main steps in processing coffee.

#1 Coffee is picked ripe off the vine, the first picks are challenging as you are sorting from the green cherry from red.

#2. pulped, the coffeed cherry skins are removed.

#3. The coffee ferments and is washed (or if its dry processed this step is eliminated). During this process the “bad” coffee is removed.

#4 The coffee is dried on a coffee deck or in dryers. If it drys on a deck it is raked often to endure that it dries evenly.

#5 The coffee is milled, the parchment left on the coffee is removed, bad beans are also removed and at this point coffee is graded for Fancy, Estate, Peaberry,,,,Now the coffee is considered Green Coffee.

#6 The green offee is then roasted to the perfect cup of Kona Rose Coffee!

Roasted Kona Rose Coffee

Roasted Kona Rose Coffee

At this time of year your time is whatever the coffee asks of you. Please try for yourself an experience an extraordinary cup of Organic Kona.

From our farm to you, Mahalo!


Its Kona Coffee Season Again!

Ripe Kona Coffee berries

Ripe Kona Coffee berries

With the heavy rainfall we have been getting, the coffee berries are juicy this year and ripening quickly. The red on the coffee cherry is just beginning to turn. That means for the next six months the coffee will be picked in rounds as it the coffee ripens at different stages. Every year  as the coffee is picked, pulped, dried, milled, and roasted I think of what this years cup will bring. Will it be earthy or robust, chocolatey or fruity?  Every year brings on new nuances like a fine wine. Make Kona Rose Coffee your ritual, not only is it 100% Kona and Certified Organic,it is a rich and smooth, chocolatey and nutty, and absolutely delicious. Enjoy from all of us at Mahina Mele Farm

What is the perfect roast for Kona Coffee?

Aloha, Here at Mahina Mele Farm we studied the perfect way to grow Kona Coffee and process it to get the most balanced and full bodied cup of Kona but to make a delicious cup of Kona the roast is crutial, an art in itself.

What is the perfect roast for Kona Coffee? We think it is a Med-Dark Roast. This roast allows the nuances of Kona Rose Coffee be highlighted and tasted instead of being overpowered by the taste of a dark roast where you really are just tasting the roast. Also with the Med-Dark Roast you still are receiving the caffeine of a med roast but with a deep and smooth finish.

Try Kona Rose Coffee and taste the Kona , taste the roast. Enjoy. Farm Direct

Mahina Mele Farm

Organic Kona Coffee is a “rare” treat!

I just read that for as much coffee that the world consumes, Kona Coffee would supply the world for 1 day. Now Organic Kona Coffee really is a “rare” treat. There is not that many of us in this small pond growing delicious Kona Coffee Organically. Kona Rose Coffee really is an exceptional cup of Kona. I am probably biased being the coffee grower and consumer, although one of the reasons we have chosen Kona Coffee is the rich full bodied flavor, low acidity and smooth finish that Kona Coffee is known for. We are a small family run farm who gets the chance to pick our coffee at the time of perfection and grow it with other tropical fruits and macadamia nuts. Because of a lot of variables Kona Rose Coffee has delicious fruit undertones and a chocolatey finish. Organic Kona Rose Coffee is a “rare” treat. Enjoy from all of us at Mahina Mele Farm

100% Kona 100% Certified Organic

Buy 100% Pure Kona Coffee

About Kona Blends

Authentic Kona coffee, by Hawaiian law, requires the label “100% Kona Coffee” be prominently displayed on the package. Hawaiian law also states that Kona blends state the percentage of Kona beans on the label (there is no matching federal law.)  Some retailers use terms such as “Kona Blend”, “Kona Roast”, or “Kona Style”. There must be a minimum of 10% Kona beans in a Kona blend, but the remaining coffee beans are not required to be identified, are usually are not.

We are a member of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association (KFCA, visit them at, which seeks to protect the “Kona coffee heritage” and promotes buying directly from Kona coffee farmers. Their video talks about these blends, and one of the hidden ingredients they contain.

Our Kona Rose coffee is made from 100% Kona coffee beans, which have been certified organic, so you know exactly what’s in your cup. Enjoy your coffee, and thank your for supporting Mahina Mele Farm!

Kona Coffee is Kona Snow

When Kona Coffee is in full flower it is called Kona Snow. The hillsides are white with flowers and fragrant as gardenias. Coffee is in the Gardenia family and it has an intoxicating smell for 2 to 3 days. The Kona Snow is wonderful this year. Try Kona Rose and taste why Kona Coffee is so sought after. We use only Certified Organic practices, pick the cherry when its fully mature, and ferment the coffee to perfection. We roast our coffee to a medium-dark roast which brings out a rich bold full bodied flavor with chocolate and fruit undertones. Try Kona Rose Coffee for an unforgettable cup of Kona.

Here is a great example of our coffee in bloom.  This is the Kona typica variety

Here is a great example of our coffee in bloom. This is the Kona typica variety


Organic Kona Coffee is Superfood too!

Kona Rose Coffee is one of my superfoods, If you have tried Organic Kona Rose Coffee then you know it is separates itself from the rest! Kona Rose Coffee is smooth and rich with chocolate and fruit undertones, this is partly because of the way its picked (red off the vine). I just read…. “research over the past few years suggests that coffee consumption may protect against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and liver cirrhosis. And our latest study on coffee and mortality found that people who regularly drank coffee actually had a somewhat lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease”. I am sure there are many variables to what makes someone more healthy than another but I do know as a coffee lover and grower, our Kona Rose Coffee is rich, full-bodied and delicious, feels great to drink, and is my personal superfood . Enjoy Kollette Stith Mahina Mele Farm