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What is the perfect roast for Kona Coffee?

Aloha, Here at Mahina Mele Farm we studied the perfect way to grow Kona Coffee and process it to get the most balanced and full bodied cup of Kona but to make a delicious cup of Kona the roast is crutial, an art in itself.

What is the perfect roast for Kona Coffee? We think it is a Med-Dark Roast. This roast allows the nuances of Kona Rose Coffee be highlighted and tasted instead of being overpowered by the taste of a dark roast where you really are just tasting the roast. Also with the Med-Dark Roast you still are receiving the caffeine of a med roast but with a deep and smooth finish.

Try Kona Rose Coffee and taste the Kona , taste the roast. Enjoy. Farm Direct

Mahina Mele Farm

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