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The steps in processing coffee.1,2,3.

Ripe Kona Coffee berries

Ripe Kona Coffee berries

Pulped Coffee Ready to be washed.

Pulped Coffee Ready to be washed.

Parchement drying on deck ready to be milled to green coffee.

Washed Coffee drying ready to be milled to green coffee.

IMG_1502Aloha! Its coffee season, every farmers time of excitement and exhaustion.

The main steps in processing coffee do not vary too much from farmer to farmer but the fine adjustments during these steps are what make each cup of Kona so different, is what each cup of coffee an art. Just like a fine wine, it is hard to get the famers secrets to making an extraordinary cup of coffee!

Here are the main steps in processing coffee.

#1 Coffee is picked ripe off the vine, the first picks are challenging as you are sorting from the green cherry from red.

#2. pulped, the coffeed cherry skins are removed.

#3. The coffee ferments and is washed (or if its dry processed this step is eliminated). During this process the “bad” coffee is removed.

#4 The coffee is dried on a coffee deck or in dryers. If it drys on a deck it is raked often to endure that it dries evenly.

#5 The coffee is milled, the parchment left on the coffee is removed, bad beans are also removed and at this point coffee is graded for Fancy, Estate, Peaberry,,,,Now the coffee is considered Green Coffee.

#6 The green offee is then roasted to the perfect cup of Kona Rose Coffee!

Roasted Kona Rose Coffee

Roasted Kona Rose Coffee

At this time of year your time is whatever the coffee asks of you. Please try for yourself an experience an extraordinary cup of Organic Kona.

From our farm to you, Mahalo!


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