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What does RAW Macadamia Nuts mean?

We proudly dehydrate our Certified Organic macadamia Nuts at low temps (113 degrees) for 6 days. This maintains their nutritive qualities without roasting them away. “Raw” macadamia nuts need to be dehydrated first to maintain their freshness. Macadamia nuts off the ground and cracked will go rancid within 24 hours unless frozen. A recipe I love besides eating them right out of the bag is place your macadamia nuts in a bowl of equal parts water and allow to soak for a few hours. Blend in the blender until it turns into a cheese consistancy. Add lemon and a dash of sea salt and add to your favorite salad. I cut up kale and massage it a bit then add the macadamia nuts. Voila a delicious salad my friends always ask me to make.

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