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Predicting the future….

This is the time of year when we begin pruning the farm . There are so many ways one can go about doing this. There is the Hawaiian style which after 8 years of farming we are learning more and more bout. The Hawaiian style prunes every third or fourth row of coffee completely,  those trees will be in full production in 4 years, and depending on how much light you want to bring in.  Or the pruning style of looking at each tree like a bonsai, leaving 3-4 verticles and getting rid of old growth. There is a lot more to this and every year the farmer is predicting what kind of coffee season we will have. We think this coming year is going to be a big one (thats what farmers think every year, right) so were are pruning lightly. Our farm is a mixture of Hawaiian style and the bonsai method as we constantly learn from the plants what they want, need, and are going to do. Aloha!Enjoy some Kona Rose Coffee Today.

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