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Peaberry Kona Rose Organic Coffee

What is Peaberry coffee? Why is it so delicious? Why does Peaberry typically cost more?  Peaberry is technically a defect in coffee. The coffee cherry usually produces two coffee beans, in a small percentage 1 bean is formed and this is called Peaberry Coffee. As a Organic coffee farmer and Kona Coffee drinker I didnt think our coffee could get any better. We started selecting the Peaberry out of our estate and recently cupped it. It was the best coffee we had ever tasted. Clean and smooth with bright fruity and chocolaty undertones. It is truly my favorite now. I asked the coffee roaster why the Peaberry is so significantly different and he stated that “the sugars to make 2 coffee beans is condensed into 1”.  Our Peaberry goes for $21 per 1/2LB and $40/LB. The reason for the high price is that there is not much of this delicious delicacy and it has to be sorted out from the rest of the coffee harvest.  If you are interested in trying our Certified Organic Kona Rose Peaberry, contact us at [email protected]. Look forward to hearing your responses. Have a amazing day!

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