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Kona Coffee Harvest

This years Kona Coffee harvest is ahead of its time. It is time to pick the beautiful red berries now. Usually harvest begins In late August but this years rainfall has been the highest in 10 years. As some of you may know about the coffee berry borrer (CBB) that found its way to the islands, the last place in the coffee growing regions to show up, a few years ago. The Kona Coffee farmers have to be diligent at keeping it at bay in order to harvest anything. This is done organically with a naturally occurring fungus that is sprayed that attacks the CCB in its tracks. Keeping on top of this beetle takes a lot of time and financial resources as one needs to spray diligently. So we are spraying the organic fungus and keeping on track in order to have a harvest. Thank You for supporting Organic Kona Rose Coffee and Kona coffee farmers. This deliciously smooth coffee with its chocolate and fruity undertones and rich flavor will wake you up with perfection and delight.

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