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Jaboticaba (Myrciaria cauliflora) on Mahina Mele Farm 2013

Jaboticaba fruit is delicious and it always brings a start of surprise when people see the tree covered in these juicy, purple globes.  As you can see from the flowers the jaboticaba tree flowers and produces fruit right from the branches and trunk!  It is spectacular when in bloom and when the  fruit is ripening.   The trees are flowering now so we’ll have boatloads of fruit in about 6-8 weeks.

FYI , I am always a little vague about time because I live… on a farm… in Hawaii.  Both those scenarios profoundly affect my interpretation of time ( for the better I think)!  And as my 4 1/2 year old so wisely stated ” it’s all in how you look at it”.

But jaboticaba makes great jelly and syrup for our hotcakes.  We mix the syrup with sparkling water for our own, homemade Italian sodas.  Jaboticaba wine and mead  are also popular and delicious.  My friend Colehour and his cohorts make some of the best jaboticaba mead there is.  Check out his farm here

I am going to try some jaboticaba vinegar as I love balsamic and this fruit is very grape-like in its sugar content and flavor.   I’ll do that when I get some free time…. Never dull moment at Mahina Mele Farm

jaboticaba flowers on trunk

close-up of jaboticaba flowers on trunk

frilly-white jaboticaba flowers

jaboticaba tree in full bloom

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