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beautiful coffee flowers

Here are a few photos of coffee in different stages of flowering. Coffee  (coffea arabica) is in the gardenia family, so not only are these flowers beautiful to look at, they have an incredible fragrance when fully open.   I mentioned that we refer to the fully-blooming coffee as Kona snow.  When the Kona snow is heavy the air is redolent with the delicious aroma of gardenia.   We’ve had about 7 seven rounds of flowering this spring and will probably have a few more between now and mid- June.  By then our coffee trees will settle down and get to the business of filling out all those plump, red cherries to be harvested this fall.

A farmer can never “count his chicks before they hatch”,  but from the looks of the spring flower, we will have a long and bountiful harvest this fall.  That means plenty of delicious Kona Rose Coffee to drink!

clusters of white coffee flowers about to open

coffee flowers about a day away from blooming.

a coffee tree in full bloom

here is a coffee tree in full bloom. this is one of many rounds of flowering that occur in the spring.


unopened coffee flowers

here is a healthy lateral branch on one of our coffee trees.


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