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off-season on mahina mele farm

Hi everyone. I had some video that I wanted to post but couldn’t quite figure it out.  Just getting used to the world of blogging. I’ll get it up in the next day or so (old dogs CAN learn new tricks and I’m not even that old!). We are still in the off-season here in West Hawaii, mac nuts are trickling in, coffee is still flowering but mostly just growing and filling out the cherry, the citrus and pineapples are done. Bananas are still coming off and the 2″ of rain we got over the weekend has jumped-started everything again and we are seeing nice, green growth everywhere.

We just finished our most recent round of fertilizing. We put down about a ton of fertilizer here on our mauka farm.We use a  locally-made product called “charfish” which consists of biochar,fish emulsion, sulfate of potash, and ground bluerock. Bluerock is a local rock which, when ground up, is a good source of minerals. It helps provides our trees with the  micro nutrients they need for healthy growth and production.    If you are not familiar with the biochar you can read up on it here  There is always alot to learn about farming and we feel that we much as we do learn and understand, there are always more questions that pop up.   Well, we’re never bored that’s for sure!

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Delicious Avocados on Mahina Mele Farm 2013


3 Avocados 3 Avocados on the half shellHere are 3 of the almost 4 dozen varieties of  avocados we grow on our two organic farms.   From L to R they are the Mr. T, Murashige, and an unidentified avo that we love! We have about 60 avocado trees that keep us well stocked all year round. We sell the highest quality and keep the culls for the farm kitchen. These were seconds that we saved to eat for ourselves.  The tops were a little damaged so I had to cut them off. I think I’ll make them into some guacamole for a party we are going to tonight!   Mahalo!


Snow in Kona

Snow in Kona?  You bet! Take a look at the picture and see for yourself. Here is our delicious Kona Rose Coffee in full flower. When the flowering is heavy it is referred to as Kona Snow   as entire hillsides will be white with these beautiful flowers. The coffee flowers in several rounds from Dec- June. Each flowering corresponds to a harvest in the fall.  Each flower represents one coffee cherry, each with 2 coffee beans inside.  It takes a lot of cherry to make a cup of coffee!   As you can see from the photo, we are expecting a good crop of Kona coffee this year!

kona snow 2013

Mahina Mele Farm

Aloha! Welcome to Mahina Mele Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. We are a family run organic farm on the slopes of the world’s largest mountain, Mauna Loa. We have a 10 acre organic Kona coffee and macadamia nut farm. We are happy to offer you our 100% Kona Organic coffee, Kona Rose Coffee and Izzie Macs! our certified organic macadamia nuts.

We never expected to live in Hawaii, but life’s unexpected twists and turns have led us from the East Coast to Central America to the West Coast and now the ruggedly beautiful island of Hawaii. What an adventure! When we landed in Hawaii several years ago, we arrived at our new farm to find an overgrown, abandoned, weedy mess!

After much hard work, and many therapeutic trips to the beach, we are enjoying the many fruits of our labors. The farm has responded amazingly and is now a beautiful, productive orchard.

Our biggest achievement is to be able to share the rewards of this productive land with you. Try our Kona Rose coffee, 100% Kona certified organic coffee. All those stories you’ve heard about Kona coffee are true. It is the best coffee in the world and remember if it’s not 100%, it’s not Kona.

For you mac nut lovers you are in for a treat! Our Izzie Macs! are out of this world delicious dehydrated and lightly sea salted, they are super crunchy, buttery and highly addictive!