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Macadamia Nut Oil Mayonnaise Recipe

Organic and Paleo Recipe
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Macadamia Nut Oil Mayonnaise

Not happy about using raw eggs to make mayonnaise? This recipe eliminates that worry by partially cooking the eggs and it also leaves out the sugar of commercial mayonnaise. Enjoy!

2 large egg yolks
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp water
1 tsp dry mustard
1 tsp salt
1 cup organic macadamia nut oil

Heat the egg yolks, lemon juice, water, and mustard in a small skillet over very low heat, stirring constantly. At the first sign of thickness, remove from heat and place the skillet in a large pan of cold water. Continue stirring to avoid scrambling the eggs.

Scoop the mixture out of the pan and into a food processor or blender. Blend for a few seconds and then let the mixture sit uncovered to cool for at least 5 minutes. Add the remaining dry ingredients and blend on a low speed. Slowly drizzle the oil into the mixture until all the ingredients are combined.

Scoop into a glass container and refrigerate immediately. Mayonnaise should keep for at least a week.

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Paleo Mayonnaise made with Organic Mac Nut Oil

Organic Macadamias are so Paleo

This week the Paleo diet is on my mind with recent phone calls and orders from people currently on the Paleo diet. I’m learning that the Paleo diet is based on food before the industrial revolution or even the new world. A diet rich in protein from organic meats and nuts, fruit and veggies. It discourages legumes, and potatoes. Macadamia nuts do not have phitates, so they do not need to be soaked before eating. Enjoy Macadamia Nuts for many many reasons.

Kollette at Mahina Mele Farm

Hawaiian Raw Certified Organic Macadamia Nuts are a Super Food

Check out the Gerson clinic which says a few macs a day keep the cancer at bay. When they are “RAW” the macadamia oils are not altered and do your body good. The natural enzymes are not broken down, changed, or altered. Rich in equal parts Omega3s and 6s, these yummy gems have the oils  that actually increase your metabolism.  If you’re on the Paleo diet, the Raw Food diet, you like buying direct from Certified Organic farms, or overall love eating the best macadamias ever these are it.

So to make these even better we started pressing them for oil.  The oil is a high heat oil that can be used for stir-frys, popcorn, baking,etc..  Also amazing for salad dressing.  As you might have guessed it is the only oil we use.

Not only is the oil beneficial internally but externally. Topically the oil actually protects the your skin. The palenolenic acid in macadamia nuts is the same that is naturally in our skin to protects us from skin damage but deteriorates with age. Macadamia nut oil absorbs quickly into the skin leaving you soft and nourished. It is the number one ingredient in most skin creams in hospitals because it does the job. I recently have been applying it on a older lady forearms where she had red, thin skin with skin tears. in one week it is not red anymore and the tears have healed. It is amazing.


City girls helping with coffee and nuts on Mahina Mele Farm

Last week two wonderful girls landed on our farm to work, Two girls with little to no experience actually working on a farm. They came positive and willing to learn, the two key traits that brings anyone to, a place of self growth and satisfaction. They have been pruning coffee, mulching, dragging branches, husking macadamia, sorting macadamias, etc. They have reminded me that what we are doing here is more than being farmers and growing certified organic macadamia nuts and kona coffee, fruit and vegies, etc…. we are here to teach what we know so that it may live within others the connection between our land and food, our resources, and greener living. I am so grateful for all our previous interns through the WWOOF program and friends of friends who have landed here to help in the growing process of the farm, we couldnt have done it without all of you!! and for the team we have here everyday. It takes a village. Much love to all of you Kollette and Jason